5 Love Milestones Everyone Needs To Achieve In Life

What exactly is love? This is the most exhilarating and agonizing condition in the entire world. It’s fought for, stolen, begged, dreamed, hoped, and even died for. It’s something we all need to have, the most magical aspect of human life: love and being loved.

1. Love is a Crazy Word

Can you remember back that far? You can remember a time in your life when you heard, read, or saw this thing called love. Maybe it was the giggles on the playground or the flashlight under the covers of a child with their head buried in a good book.

2. You Know with Certainty That Your Parent Loves You

You can choose a moment in time that makes you say, “Yes, my mom loves me,” or “My dad loves me, even though he hasn’t said ‘I love you’ since I was over 10 years old.” It could have been a proud smile directed at you. You can choose a particular moment in their lives as a milestone of their love.

3. Discover Books About Love

You’re suddenly swept up in the story, and you find yourself at the heart of the romance between two characters. I was a child when it happened to me. I was reading L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. Perhaps you identify with Betty or Veronica from the Archie Comics, or Cinderella. You may remember the first time you learned about love.

4. You Are Transfixed by the Love Story of a Film

It’s a milestone when you experience your own love moment in a film that transfers the emotion from the screen to your heart. It could be the classic where Bogart bids Bergman farewell forever. Maybe it’s Disney movies that make you want to change everything and make your relationship better.

5. Your Friend is in Love

You hear every detail of your friend’s romance, and you watch it unfold in front of your eyes. It may make you fall in love or confirm the love that you already have. Maybe it makes you realize that they have something that you want. So badly. It may even change the friendship you have with someone.

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