“Digital romance” and modern online dating apps

The spread of technology leads to changes in communication practices in the broad sense of the word, which are increasingly occurring in instant messengers and social networks, including changes in finding a partner and the sphere of romantic relationships. This guide will explain how works and the platform’s benefits. 

Online dating – new practice in building relationships

Modern means of communication are intensively and constantly developing, covering new areas of society and radically changing the usual practices, rituals and models of communication. Today, this applies to almost any daily activity. Online dating, carried out through an application that can be used anytime from your phone, combines the seemingly incompatible – economic rationality and romantic love. These online platforms provide practical ways to communicate and meet potential partners. Messaging, video calls and profiles help assess compatibility before meeting in person.

More about the Teamo app

More than 20 million users are registered at, which gives hope that interesting acquaintances can be found here. Authorization occurs through social networks or email. Then, you will have a long time to fill out an online questionnaire. There are a lot of questions in it, and what’s nice is that a significant part of them concerns not only appearance but also character, the psychological portrait of the individual. When searching for a couple, the application considers external or age indicators and other essential parameters: 

  • attitude towards love, 
  • work, 
  • leisure, 
  • children.

Unlike other applications, Teamo immediately positions itself as a service for finding serious relationships – here, you can meet people with whom your paths would never have crossed under other circumstances. Based on the test results, it shows you your psychological compatibility with your prospective partners and allows you to write to them under the condition of mutual sympathy. Guests of the page can be viewed for free; users who like them can only be viewed if they purchase a VIP status.